A small, friendly consultancy based in north London focused on not-for-profit data and digital services. 

Hi, I'm Azadi Sheridan - welcome to the website of my consultancy, Productle Ltd. 

My aim is to help you raise more money by improving the data and digital systems that underpin your organisation. I do this by using over fifteen years of fundraising sector and application development experience. 

I bring a breadth of experience to clients I serve, having worked as a fundraiser, a CRM consultant, made custom applications, co-founded a social enterprise, and built best-selling fundraising software.

How can this help you? With a range of services from improving the quality and structure of your database to guiding you through choosing a CRM to helping your staff make the most out of their fundraising technology. 

If you want to chat more about your organisation's needs, please get in touch

More than "just" a database.

I view data as an asset. Be it data on your supporters' demographics, relationships, website usage, or donation history, that knowledge about your donors is a key asset for building better relationships with them, and generating more revenue from them. 

My specialism is organising your information, so that users can best access and analyse the data they need to succeed. 

Below are example services I offer to help you raise more income and to build stronger supporter relationships. I am well-known for my long association with a popular product called "The Raiser's Edge" and of course a offer a wide variety of services around that. 

Small Charity Software


I enjoy working with small charities and am proud to be one of the few consultants with official partnerships to implement two great products focused on the small charity space: Donorfy fundraising CRM and Blackbaud eTapestry. 

Get the most from your software

Small charities often have to squeeze a lot out of limited budgets. When implementing Donorfy or eTapestry, my aim is to rapidly understand what outcome a charity intends from their software purchase. This forms the basis of a tailored consulting and training package, which might include getting everything up and running quickly including data migration, or software training to enable users to build out systems themselves. 

Onsite or remote

My aim is to work around your needs. You might want a short duration of training assistance online or over the phone, or you might want face-to-face assistance so that I can watch over your shoulder. 


In your live Donorfy or eTapestry system, I can help:

  • Train you to confidently make the most of your software
  • Help you prepare and import data
  • Set your systems up
  • Find efficiencies to help you reduce time using the database.

If you're new to Donorfy or eTapestry and just aren't sure what you need, then that's ok. Just contact me to review your needs. 

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Raiser's Edge Services


Whether you are new to Raiser's Edge 7 or NXT (fondly called RE, Raiser's or The Redge), or more established and trying to get the most from it, or even considering moving away, I can help. Some options include:

  • System Audit and Business Process Reviews - Either looking from the angle of your data in a system audit or from the perspective of your business processes, I assess how healthy your RE system is. You'll receive a specific action plan for improving your database. 
  • Training - With over 15 years' experience in delivering RE training in a variety of settings, I'll ensure your users enjoy learning how to make the most of this vast system. As well as group courses, I deliver one-to-one sessions, focused on fundraisers' specific needs by role, be they the events officer or the SQL expert needing back-end training. 
  • Migration Support - Whether you are moving to RE and want to be sure you make the most of it, or are planning to leave RE and want to be sure you don't lose the best of it, I help your organisation get the most out of the transition. 
  • Bespoke Crystal Reports - If you find you can't generate the reports you need, I can create custom reports to help you view and manage your KPI's. 
  • Integration - I help organisations understand import, including by using third-party software or API-based integration. 
  • Customisation - Want to take Raiser's Edge 7 or NXT to the next level? Talk to me about your challenges and I can outline custom solutions for both online and back-office. 

There is such a wide variety of uses for RE, and indeed problems. Just contact me to discuss what you're trying to achieve and how I'll help you.

Funky Patterns

CRM Selection


Your CRM should be the beating heart of your supporter interaction. I sadly too often hear of organisations that feel that their CRM software doesn't support them. 

If this is a concern for you, I can assess your CRM needs across fundraising and non-fundraising functions. This allows us to establish where your problems lie as well as what is working well that you don't want to lose.  I then help you review and select from the many options available, from CRM platforms to fundraising-sector specific databases. 

Digital Services Pattern

And More


I have experience developing web-based software, websites, and mobile applications. This includes product-market fit analysis, competitor analysis, system specification, user research, localising software around the world, integrations, using a variety of payment technologies and doing it to budget!

If you've got an idea, and are not sure what technical solution can help you, then contact me to discuss your options.  

If you're a software company that wants to understand the finer details of the charity sector in order to serve it better, let's have a chat!