Official Blackbaud Solution Provider

Productle Ltd is an official Blackbaud Solution Provider with an independent mindset.

Based in north London, UK, Productle is staffed by its owner Azadi Sheridan, who uses his 15 years of experience to help Raiser's Edge users make the most of their software. Do you want your Raiser's Edge to be fixed? Let's explore what's wrong first of all. 

Are you frustrated or confused by Raiser's Edge?

That's ok! Although Raiser's Edge (or RE) is the mostly widely-used fundraising software package, plenty of people suffer frustration and confusion with Raiser's Edge. This could be for all sorts of reasons: they haven't been trained in Raiser's Edge, had it badly configured, inherited in a bad state or just find it unintuitive. Whatever the cause, talk to me for expert advice in how to rectify it. 

Not sure if NXT is for you?

Recently, Blackbaud launched their major facelift for RE - called Raiser's Edge NXT. I am one of the few consultants in the UK with deep experience in Raiser's Edge NXT, the classic RE7 and a variety of alternatives. If you are unsure about the move to NXT, consider our organisational assessment. This would include a review of your technical needs as well as your users' processes in order to give you an unbiased recommendation of whether to stick with RE7, move to NXT or move away. 

Not enough time to get Raiser's Edge tasks done?

Are you busy fundraising, and want your RE to be busy, and silently supporting you? That might mean making your processes more efficient,  some sort of import automation, or an experienced pair of hands to help you through a busy patch. Use the contact form on this page for a free one hour consultation with me. 

Something Else?

I offer a variety of bespoke, flexible services to support all sizes and types of organisation - from education to museums to environment to human services. To book a free one-hour phone consultation about your database, just complete the form.  

You can also learn more about the other software I support and problems I solve by following the link below.