Nothing to see here, move along

Hi - I always feel guilty blogging as think I should be spending time on projects instead. 

Of course, that is totally daft as I do enjoy writing so I PROMISE to blog more here. I think I'll do more on free tools, the state of the industry (or industries), project/ product delivery, why I love certain software and more. 

I'd say 'stay tuned' but will 'under-promise and over-deliver' by saying 'please check out my twitter in the meantime!'

I'm a Slacktivist!

I'm a Slacktivist!

Not that long ago, if someone had told me to image a work environment where you communicate with your colleagues via Twitter, where email has disappeared, and you drag collaborative project steps around a virtual white-board, I would have you said you were mad. If you had also said these business tools were free, I would have just stopped listening.